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Generic Propecia
  • Active ingredient: Finasteride
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  • Medical form: Pill
  • Manufacturers: Intas, Samarth Life Sciences, Centurion Laboratories
  • Available Dosage: 1mg, 5mg
  • Payment options: VISA, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, Dinners
  • Delivery time: Airmail (10 - 21 days), EMS Trackable (5-9 days)
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  • *) Generic Propecia is sent in discreet packaging. No reference to the pharmacy or medication appears on the packaging.
Propecia is used to treat hair loss (male pattern).Also is used to treat prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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How to buy Generic Propecia

To buy Generic Propecia simply find desired dosage and quantity within the product tables shown above. Each table row displays exact dosage, number of pills in package, avarage price per pill and full package price. To buy your preferred package simply click Add to Cart button next to the price and selected product will be added to virtual medical shopping cart. Then you will be able to proceed to the secure payment page or continue shopping and find more medications of your choice which you may also add to shopping cart and later purchase together.

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Generic Propecia Purchasing Information

Generic Propecia is a medical product used to treat certian medical condition or illness. This webite allow its visitors to order Generic Propecia online from overseas. However we assume visitors adult behaviour whilst buying presciption medicine online. Please consult with your doctor about required dosage needed for your body and if this medicine (Generic Propecia) is good for you. We do not ask for a presciption as we sell Generic Propecia online from foreign location and we do not provide doctor's consultation online. If you have doubts or questions please read our FAQ or call our support or as the best option please use Live Chat feature link provided on the top of the page.

Form our side we guarantee supplement of high quality product marketed under name Generic Propecia. We also guarantee that Generic Propecia medication is produced in WHO certified facilities and legally approved as genuine treatment. Under common name Generic Propecia we will send you one of the following products: Finalo, Fistide, Prosteride. Actual product will be selected from those available in stock at the moment of assembling your order. We cannot guarantee which product will be shipped exactly. To top ↑

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